Conversation Prism 2013 by Brian Solis

We have been fans of Brian Solis for many years. Those who may not have heard of Brian, he coined the words “PR 2.0” and was regarded in the early years of web 2.0 evolution as “a founding father of PR 2.0 concept who realised early on how PR, multimedia and the web would intersect and create a new breed of PR and Web marketers.”

Since then Brian has gone into authoring number of best sellers and become an authority on social media appearing on key conferences all over the world. As such he has become a sought after speaker and advisor to many leading global brands and now a key analyst of Charlene Li’s Altimeter Group.

In 2008, Brian created Conversation Prism to simplify the understanding of emerging web 2.0 services. The original Prism captured ThinkFree, Scribd and DocStoc as leaders in document sharing market. In 2009, the updated version captured SlideShare, Wordie and another in addition to the existing three brands.

Third version was released in 2010 which captured and Prezi for the first time. All the previous companies were retained.

Fourth version was released today via Mashable. What’s interesting to note is that many of the existing players have simply disappeared leaving Prezi, Scribd, DocStoc, SlideShare and edocr as leaders in the content/document sharing market.

We are so thrilled to be included once again among some of the best technology companies San Francisco can offer (DocStoc is Los Angeles based). And from all those listed, we are the only company outside the USA. Not bad for a tech startup from Manchester, UK!

If you wish to order printed copies of the Conversation Prism for your office or your clients, head over to the official site here. If you are interested in checking out 82 documents from Brian, head over to here.



  • Clint Wilson

    Way to go Manoj and I’m sure there will be only you and 2 others left in this race soon:)


  • GillianHunt

    Congratulations Manoj on being selected.
    The Prism is an amazing document. Thanks for sending.